Last weekend was one year since J asked me are we like, a couple and I said I don't know, yeah? So romantic! For our anniversary we went to CAU, which is an Argentinian restaurant that serves lots of meat. I definitely ate too much and felt a little sick afterwards. That's how you know… Continue reading Anniversary 


Actually exercising

Something strange has happened over the last year or so. I have become one of those people who exercises... regulary!  Anyone who knew me when I was a teenager will know how much of a big deal this is. I was a lazy teenager. At school, PE was my least favourite lesson. Every September they made… Continue reading Actually exercising

What I’ve been reading #11

I read the Handmaids Tale earlier this year and then was delighted to discover that they were making it into a TV show. Both are slightly terrifying, even though it was written a while ago the issues in there still feel relevant, which is a bit messed up. The characters are so relatable and the… Continue reading What I’ve been reading #11