Hello World!

A new blog! How exciting. So far my blogging experience is a tumblr where I mostly just reblog pictures of books and quotes from people wiser than me. There is the occasional post of my actual writing but I thought it might be good to start a blog where I actually post just my thoughts and see what happens.

I finished my Physics degree about 9 months ago and it was both fantastic and exhausting. 4 years of not being entirely sure whether you understood everything, even after passing the exam! Now I have joined that thing all students dread: THE REAL WORLD. Despite managing to actually find an alright (though badly paid) job I have not really decided what I want to do next.

But I have done a lot of thinking! About what I want out of life and where I want to go, and how to get there. I decided to post my thoughts on being a “grown up” and what I’ve learnt so far. Watch this space!


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