Job Interviews

Job interviews. Unfortunately a necessary evil that most adults have to go through. When I was younger they sounded like the most terrifying thing possible. I suppose an awkward teenager who did not like talking to strangers, let alone grown up strangers deciding to give them a job, would probably not have been keen on the idea.

I hope that past me would be proud of herself, because now I have been to many interviews. The most gruelling of which lasted for two days and would have made her want to cry. They put us up in a hotel and everything!
We had to arrive at 9am on the first day. We did some tests, a group exercise, and sat through some presentations. Then we could not even relax at dinner because they sat us so that the candidates were seated next to the company’s employees.

I was sat next to a guy who was pretty high up, which made the whole thing even more stressful. I had to take advantage of the free wine. I did not go crazy, just drank enough so I did not run back to my hotel room and curl up under the duvet and never come out, or just sit there awkwardly not knowing what to say.
The second day we had a tour of the site, presented our own presentation we had been given the brief for the day before (having managed to squeeze some time in to write it) and 2 interviews. One of the interviews consisted of 4 men asking me about computer programming and then pulling a motherboard out of my nightmares and asked me to name the components.

It all felt ridiculously unnecessary, did they really need to put us through all that to decide whether we could work for them? I should not complain really, the hotel was pretty nice. It was like a stressful little holiday.

With a pretty garden
With a pretty garden

Now, after going through an interview like that, any interview that does not require an overnight stay immediately seems doable. While I still feel as clueless about the world as teenage Laura did, I still manage to do things she would have thought were impossible and terrifying. This does make me hopeful that maybe I have grown up a bit since then.

I did not get that job, maybe they monitored how much wine we drank…


3 thoughts on “Job Interviews”

  1. The descriptions in this blog are just spot on. I’m proud of you for doing the interview! Such a terrifying prospect, I think that I would also have taken advantage of the wine 😛


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