Should I dumb down my phone?

My smartphone stopped working!

I woke up one morning and picked up my phone to check my emails. I poked the little envelope button and the phone suddenly turned off. “Okay, just do whatever you need to do”, I thought encouragingly. Since the last update it had been running a bit slow so I was used to the odd tantrum. It turned on again, then the screen went black and in tiny white letters at the top of the screen it said “Unable to find a bootable solution. Press any key to shut down.”

I shut it down, then the same thing came up. I went round in circles for a bit then guessed my phone was broken and debated doing a Facebook status announcing my broken phone. Then I recalled that most of my Facebook friends don’t actually have my number. I sent messages to the few people who might actually try to text me and left it at that.

I had 2 months left on the contract for that phone and I had been wondering whether to bother with getting a new smartphone, keeping the current one or just going back to my old one because I don’t really need a smartphone.

It seems I need to make my decision slightly sooner than I thought! Should I get another smart phone?

My objection with smartphones is that they don’t seem to last very long, it feels very wasteful – to me anyway –  to get a new phone every year or so. I had not even had my now broken smartphone for 2 years. I had one of my previous, dumb phones for almost 5 years before I upgraded to a slightly nicer dumb phone just because I felt like a change. Both phones are in a drawer somewhere and they still work!

Admittedly, I did not get a very expensive smart phone. It was my first one and I only really got it because my boyfriend was going off to America to do his Masters. I thought being able to message him over the internet would be less costly than texting. Now we live together so that is not something to worry about anymore.

I do understand that smartphones make a lot of people’s lives easier, but right now I don’t think it makes much of a difference to me. It is nice to have the convenience of the internet on my phone but I rarely use it for something that can’t wait until I get to my computer.

I am not someone who constantly stares at their phone, but I’ll check it in the morning while waiting for my boyfriend to be finished in the bathroom or waiting for a train. Basically, when I am waiting for something I’ll look at my phone. This is time that could easily be filled with something else and I would not feel like I was losing out.

When I think about the kind of phone I want: reliable, durable, good battery life and easy to text and make calls from, I think about how a dumb phone does all of these things fine. Then I think about what is good about a smart phone: being able to check social media, emails and browse websites on the move. I don’t think these are things I care too much about doing. I just do them because I can, not necessarily because I need to.

For now, I’ll see how I cope with my trusty old phone.



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