Are we grown-ups now?

I have not posted anything for a while. I have been busy and I have been lazy. I am planning on getting back into posting more regularly and hopefully I shall stick to it!

I went to visit one of my university friends last weekend for his birthday. It was a 4 hour train journey to get there but it was well worth it.

I enjoy a good train nest.
I enjoy a good train nest.

Some of my other university friends also went up so it was like a nice little reunion. We ate, we drank too much, we reminisced about being students and caught up with what we were each doing now.
It was good talking to them. We all did the same course at university and it is interesting to see how we are all doing. It is also a relief to realise that we don’t all have it quite together (except the one we went to visit, who is doing a PhD and lives in a very nice flat with his lovely girlfriend).

A couple are still living with family, one still has not found a job or decided on what job he actually wants, one just quit his boring job and is starting a new one soon and another is thinking of leaving the well paid graduate scheme he hates and finding something more tolerable. Then there’s me, temping and applying for things that I might enjoy, hoping that one of them works out.

Maybe it is bad that I am a bit pleased my friends don’t have it fantastically together. I was terrified of leaving education without a clear plan of what to do, but it seems that that is not all that unusual. It is nice to have people to talk to who are also muddling through, also not entirely clear on what they really want to do and also trying to find out what that is.

Then I realised, maybe this is being a grown-up! This muddling through without much of an idea of how it is going to turn out! Terrifying!

Then I was horribly hungover on the train the next day and thought maybe I have a little way to go yet. When I understand that drinking cider, wine and vodka all on the same night is a terrible idea, then we’ll talk about how grown up I am.


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