Time to relax

I love it when you get through a busy week you’ve been dreading in one piece. Especially when you are still sleep deprived from your heavy weekend celebrating your friend’s birthday. Last week I had to do a presentation for a course I am doing on Wednesday, then on Thursday after work I had to get on a train for 3 hours to get to the B&B I was staying in so I could get to an interview on Friday morning without having to get up at some ungodly hour.

It all went swimmingly, I got some good feedback from the presentation and the interview went well (I find out next week, cross your fingers for me!). I got home Friday afternoon, flat to myself because R was visiting his family for the weekend, it felt fantastic. Lazy weekend ahead!

I am kind of astonished at how I managed to fit in being very lazy but also being quite productive into one weekend. I did the massive pile of washing up that we had let build up over the past couple of weeks, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, did laundry and cleared out a bin bag full of clothes! I also practised my French and played my guitar and somehow managed to watch an entire series of Sex and the City. That’s 9 hours of watching TV, how did I manage the other stuff?!

I also did my trademark thing of making a mess while relaxing, I sit on the floor and just assemble all the things I want to do around me, like some kind of strange nest.

I also tidied away the nest.
I also tidied away the nest.

I also tend to write on myself and toy with the idea of getting it tattooed.

Don't worry, I have no plans to become a tattoo artist.
Don’t worry, I have no plans to become a tattoo artist.

All in all a pretty good weekend. I don’t get them to myself often, but I do enjoy my own company so it is nice to spend some time relaxing in the way that I like without having to worry about anyone else.


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