I caved

A few weeks ago I posted about how my first smart phone had broken, I was not going to get another one and just get by with my old trusty dumb phone. I did not need a smartphone!

*Cough* I got a new smartphone…

There were many reasons why I did not last without one. One reason was that I realised I very rarely get calls or texts, so I felt like I was carrying around this thing I barely used. Then I realised that I actually go on the internet quite a lot, not just to talk to the people that don’t text or ring me, but to google silly things I don’t understand, or do useful things like check the trains.

I am slightly disappointed that I did love simplifying my phone because I get annoyed by some people with smart phones. For instance, when I was in the Louvre and went to see the Mona Lisa I had to push past dozens of people taking pictures of her with their smart phones. WHY?! I would understand if it was a painting that was not so well known and easy to find a decent picture of on the internet but why take a mediocre picture of one you could easily find from a quick Google?!

When I went to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the kid next to me could not have been older than 10. About half an hour into the film, he got out his iPhone!

The mind boggles.

They also creep me out a bit, when I am logged into Gmail on my computer my phone knows what I have Googled. Goodness knows how much information my phone knows about me.

Anyway, despite their creepiness and the possibility that they are destroying people’s attention spans and sense of when to take a bad picture of a very famous piece of art, I do like being able to send my friends silly photos, or download an app that helps me learn French, or take a photo of a hot beverage, stick a filter on it and make myself feel fancy. Is that so wrong?!

Nothing wrong at all.
Nothing wrong at all.

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