Do you feel lucky?

I read an article the other day about a poor girl who had a parasite burrow into her eye. She had to stay in hospital and have eye drops dropped into her eyes every half an hour for four days. She’s better now but still has to give herself 20 eye drops a day.

When I read this I’d hoped that this was obviously something that would never happen to me.  She was probably in some exotic country where they have to be really careful about parasites, right?

Nope, she also lives in England.  The parasite (while rare) was just in some water and it was probably trapped into her eye by her contact lens. Just water, that thing we splash over ourselves every day. The article gave some tips to contact lens wearers: don’t shower with your lenses in, don’t leave them in overnight, and don’t leave them in water.

I wear contact lenses and I have done all of these things. I feel lucky I even have eyes left to endanger with parasites. When I left them in the water I even put them straight into my eyes without a proper wash because the person whose glass I was storing them in said he wore contacts and did not see a problem with doing that. It felt horrible when I put them in so I immediately took them out. Turned out he only wore daily lenses so he had no idea what he was on about.  He probably just did not want me to take his glass home with me so I could put my lenses in the right solution (I gave it back!).

Then in the article it says that she was really responsible with her lenses. She just kept hers by the sink where they probably got splashed with some water. I thought that if someone who keeps their lenses really clean can have this happen to them, is it something really that preventable? It sounds to me like it’s just bad luck, and you can’t control that.

That has not stopped me from washing my hands a lot more before I handle my lenses though, and maybe I’ll stop showering with them in.

We don't want any trouble!
We don’t want any trouble!

That’s the annoying thing about luck, most of the time it is poor unsuspecting people who look after their contact lenses who have to deal with the rubbish life throws at them.

I suppose that dealing with it is all you can do, I always think oh that could never happen to me and then freak out because it actually could. But that is no way to go through life, terrified of what unlikely predicament is going to be thrown at you. Whenever I thought I had failed an exam at university, the people who said I’m sure you passed did not make me feel better. What I wanted to hear was if you have failed, it would not be the end of the world. Denial is rarely the way forward, knowing that there are ways to deal with it is much better.

But you better stay away from me eye parasites!


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