Reasons not to be a fashion blogger

Fashion and beauty blogs are popular aren’t they? I can see why, people want to know how to look fashionable and beautiful. I follow a few myself and the people on the blogs always seem to have much more exciting and fabulous lives than me as well as nice clothes.

Sadly, I would struggle to write such a blog. A lot of my clothes are either hand me downs from my fashionable mother, charity shop purchases or bought on sale.

My make-up routine is also a bit sparse. I either throw on some eye shadow and mascara (and sometimes lip-gloss!) or not bother putting my lenses in and wear my glasses instead. That’s right, I class my glasses as make-up! (It’s putting something on my face!)

Old dependable
Old dependable

I also cut my own hair, because I always hated getting it cut and it would always go back to being unruly no matter what I had spent £30 on telling the hairdresser what I wanted. It is so curly I doubt anyone would really notice if I have not got it quite straight. I even experimented with not using any product on my hair for a while, just to see what would happen and whether it would magically sort itself out. It did not. My current routine is shampoo it when it feels gross and apply lots of this magic stuff…

Without this my hair is an unmanageable clump
Without this my hair is an unmanageable clump

I am bad at taking selfies. I always end up looking terribly uncomfortable if I try to pull any face other than cheesy grin.

What do you mean, you can tell I cut my own hair?!
What do you mean, you can tell I cut my own hair?!

However, despite all of this, I have recently started caring about looking a bit more grown up, by which I mean not just throwing on jeans and a t-shirt whenever I can get away with it. I have also realised that I have quite a lot of nice heels I have acquired over the years and I have been making an effort to wear them more often. Sometimes I quite like what I am wearing and think that maybe it might look cool.

So I am here to say that being fabulous does not always mean spending lots of money on new clothes and makeup! Sometimes it is a reluctance to throw things away and getting creative, sometimes it is sifting through a charity shop, and sometimes it is knowing that your unruly hair does not care who cuts an inch or so off the bottom of it.

Maybe I’ll post the odd ANTI-fashion blog post. Whenever I am feeling stylish in my old, cheap clothes, I could let the internet know.


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