The Weirdest Book I Have Ever Read

When I start a book I don’t really like knowing that much about the plot.  This is  because I find that almost any plot can work with the right writer. A lot of times I read books with plots that might not have interested me if I had read the blurb, but I end up loving the book anyway.

So, as I read a lot of books, I thought I would write my own mini-reviews of the books I read. Just my opinions and quoting the bits I thought were pretty, not much on the plot.

Starting with the last (and strangest, in my opinion) book I have read: Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami.

This book is weird.

I quite like the way Murakami writes, he really lets you get to know his characters and sometimes I come across passages that are gorgeous, if this had been my own book and not from a library I’d have been folding those pages over! But I took pictures of them on my phone instead.

Untitled PhotoGrid_1434100898576 PhotoGrid_1434100805718 PhotoGrid_1434100577977 PhotoGrid_1434100518004
When I first started this book I quite enjoyed it. It was all very mysterious. There was a 15 year old runaway, running away for mysterious reasons. His family seemed very mysterious. There were chapters about a mysterious accident that happened about 50 years before the events of the rest of the book.

In case you had not guessed, if I could describe this book in one word it would be mysterious.

I wanted to know how it all panned out, it was well written. It seemed promising.

Then it started getting a bit too strange. It felt a bit like when I watched Lost and so many strange things kept happening that I wasn’t sure if it would all be explained at the end. For me the book started to become a bit more of a chore towards the middle because I just felt like I had no idea how all of this tied together. Then after about ¾ through I got a bit more motivated to finding an answer to everything and finishing.

When I did finish it, it felt like it was a good ending, the loose ends seemed to be tie up. Then I thought wait, what was the deal with that guy? Why did that bit happen? How did that guy know this would happen? What was the deal with the guy who said he was Colonel Sanders? (Yes that actually happens.) Was he the same kind of thing as that other guy? What happened to him? The more I thought about it the more questions I had.

I am pretty sure there are people out there who would love this book, and it has a pretty good rating on Goodreads. It is a kind of fantasy so unexpected things are bound to happen, and although I like to have them all explained not everyone else will mind.  There is also a chance that I’ve been a fool and missed parts of the plot other people might pick up on.

So I would recommend it if you fancied something a bit different and strange, or if you liked Lost.

I’d give it: 3/5


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