Don’t worry Astronomy, I still love you!

The other day on the train to work I was wearing my starry coat (H&M), my starry necklace (etsy), and I was reading Cosmos by Carl Sagan.

Space geek essentials
Space geek essentials

I thought to myself, well really this is a bit much! It’s like I am some kind of Astronomy mascot! Anyone who saw me like that would have thought I reckon that girl’s interested in space. Imagine if I’d told them I had a Master’s degree in Physics with Astronomy, they would have laughed at me!


Sometimes I feel guilty when I tell people that I did Physics with Astronomy and they get really impressed and interested and enthusiastic, because while I was studying it there were times when I thought why have I studied this? It doesn’t make any sense!  When really I felt like I should have been as keen as these other people.

But I am sure a lot of people who study anything to a decent depth feel like that sometimes. They start university studying something they are interested in, but at times feel like they want to think about anything else.

I feel like Astronomy and I have been through a lot together, I chose it because I was interested in it and thought it all sounded really cool. Fast forward 4 years and I was crying with frustration in front of a computer in the empty, windowless Astronomy Library at my university because my code was not behaving and my Masters project was due in 3 days’ time.

Once I graduated, had a break and recovered from that experience, I did feel like I missed it. It is a thoroughly interesting subject and I feel very lucky that I had enough confidence in my Maths skills to take it up at university.

That’s why I started reading Cosmos, it may be 30 years old (I have not finished it but I am guessing some of the information could be updated) but I think it is still pretty relevant today. Humans have come a long way in their understanding of the universe. There is still so much to discover too, I hope that the stressful times during my degree don’t make me forget that.


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