My favourite things about music festivals

GLASTONBURY is happening this weekend! I am not going. I actually had a ticket but then I went and found myself a better job where I get the school holidays off but cannot take holiday during term time. So I did not pay for the rest of the ticket in April and it got sold on to some other lucky person.

I love music festivals. My home town hosts a pretty big one and apart from this year I have been to one every year since I was 15.

15 year old Laura off to her first festival: Reading 2007.
15 year old Laura off to her first festival: Reading 2007.

To further make myself think why aren’t I there?! I have compiled a list of my favourite things about music festivals.

Glastonbury 2014
Glastonbury 2014

1. The music, obviously.
I really like printing off a timetable of the bands playing and getting excited about organising which ones I will see. I also really like wandering onto the sets of bands I have never heard of, or just going to see a band because their name sounds cool (I saw Bombay Bicycle Club all the way back in 2008 for this reason). It is also really cool how you can see bands everyone has heard of but you might not have listened to properly like Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, Bon Jovi or Dolly Parton (Dolly Parton was great fun!)

2. The non-musical activities as well.
At Glastonbury we tried some beginner’s meditation, they had a fake beach at the Isle of Wight festival, and I vaguely remember playing table tennis once at Reading Festival.

Just a fake beach.
Just a fake beach.

3. Getting cool food from the stalls.
I like how everyone can get different things and there is no need to agree on where to eat dinner: I’m gonna get a burrito, you’re getting an ostrich burger and she’s getting some paella, then we can meet back here.

4. Setting up the tent
I went to scouts when I was younger so I am well practised at putting up tents. I find it pretty satisfying when it is all up and ready for me to dump my stuff in.

The tent is assembled.
The tent is assembled.

5. Everyone just accepts how gross the toilets are.
Sometimes you just know which toilets are nicer than others, which ones actually flush and which ones are essentially just above a hole in the ground.

6. Bringing several crates of cider and thinking it is too much, only to find out it is not enough!
I brought 2 crates and a six pack or 2 to Glastonbury last year and was worried about it being excessive. I was there for 5 days; it wasn’t actually that much, lesson learnt!

7. Feeling incredibly lucky if it is sunny, or if it just doesn’t rain!
It has been a good while since I have been to a festival where it didn’t rain and everything instantly turned to mud.

More mud.
Some mud.
Some mud.
More mud.

8. Not showering or properly making yourself presentable is acceptable.
Last year by the time I got back from Glastonbury I had not brushed my hair for nearly a week, it started to look a bit like I had dreadlocks.

Clip hair up, stick on a hairband and go!
Clip hair up, stick on a hairband and go!

Got myself all excited about a festival I am not going to now! I hope that when my work contract finishes in July I simultaneously come into some money and a friend suggests we go to a late summer non-sold out festival.

Or maybe we could just go camping and listen to music while drinking cider.


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