I love a messy book.

I recently read Post Office by Charles Bukowski and I recommend you do the same.

Right from the dedication at the beginning I was drawn in, and then again by the first line. While I do not think the first line is the most important part of the book I am a sucker for a good one.

PhotoGrid_1435939635692 PhotoGrid_1435939680888
These two lines sum up the book perfectly. Angry, funny and sad.

This one was his first novel and the writing is pretty messy, but in a really good way! It makes it feel really personal and by the end it feels as though the main character is a real person. I get the impression that some of the story was taken from his own life but it is still amazing to feel so there in the story.

PhotoGrid_1435939737820 PhotoGrid_1435939799518 PhotoGrid_1435939870037 PhotoGrid_1435939941113PhotoGrid_1435940372011
When the character was angry, I was angry. When he was sad, I was sad.

It is a bit crazy and messy but so was the life of the characters. The fact that it is written in a messy way in the first person really made me believe that the main character had actually written this book.

I realise this review is incredibly short. I started it a few days ago and found it difficult because I really loved the book and wanted to write something that did it justice. But then I realised that I am not actually a book critic and I can just say that I really liked it and would definitely recommend it.

I’d give it: 5/5


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