I’ll Hang Out With You

I posted recently about how I read and watched The Road. After that, I needed to read something a bit more upbeat. I noticed that Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns) was (and still is!) £1.99 on the Kindle store and just thought it was fate.

I quite enjoy reading books by comedians/writers because it is interesting to hear how they ‘made it’. Of the few I have read so far, it seems to be: Finish University, live in an awful flat with great friends while writing comedy, get noticed.

I may have made it sound simple but it sounds a bit terrifying, not knowing whether things would pay off. There must be tons of people out there wondering whether they should give up or keep trying.

I really liked this book. The essays are quite short and snappy (and hilarious) and it was interesting to hear her thoughts on life and not being stick thin in an industry where almost everyone is. I also found her to be very relatable, by the end I felt like I wanted to be her friend.

As someone who was 'overlooked' at secondary school, this was good to know.
As someone who was ‘overlooked’ at secondary school, I completely agree.  There is time to catch up.


I just wished that it was longer! I think she is bringing out another book soon though so I shall look forward to that.

I’d give it: 4/5


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