The Notebook

So, after months of being sensible and frugal and buying cheap notebooks from The Works, I had a moment of weakness.

I bought a fancy notebook.

A tenner from WHSmith if you're feeling extravagant.
A tenner from WHSmith if you’re feeling extravagant.

What is it about nice notebooks that are so enticing? Whenever I am in Waterstones or WHSmith I am always be tempted by a fancy notebook. Even when I did not write that often I would look at them and think oooh I really want it, and then it would sit around not being used until I needed a notebook for something boring like school.

I am guessing this is how some people feel about shoes or clothes (I do have a similar weakness for pretty bomber jackets).

Worth every penny

Everyone has something unnecessary they have to resist the temptation to buy.

This was not even just a pretty notebook I bought, it is a fancy one.


Look at those gold pages! It apparently reproduces the binding of a laypersons encyclopaedia from 1870 called The Universe: or The Infinitely Great and the Infinitely Little.

That’s too fancy for my random scribblings on whatever pops into my head on the train to work.

Because while do write a little bit every day, I know that not all of it is good, a lot of it is just crazy ramblings that don’t go anywhere. My current plan for the notebook is to be a halfway point between scribbles and blog post. The best of my scribbles can go in the notebook and then I can pick things from the notebook, give them some finishing touches and take some photos and stick them on the blog.

I think this could work. It might actually encourage me to organise which scribbles are best and will hopefully lead to more regular posting on the blog (maybe, I won’t get ahead of myself just yet!)

And I’ll end up with a notebook that I am happy for people to read if they want, which might be nice.

I may not be writing an encyclopaedia of the universe, but hopefully it will be full of some interesting thoughts. Both the infinitely great, and the infinitely little… probably more of the latter.


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