If you’re going to eat an elephant…

I was sat on the train to work the other day and noticed a piece of paper stuffed down the side of the seat.

I was curious, maybe it was a message for whoever picked it up. MAYBE IT WAS A TREASURE MAP! I took it out and unfolded it. It was somebodies short term goals.


Being healthy, optimistic, passionate, seeing family more and seizing opportunities. All pretty good goals, I think.

I have no idea what possessed the person to stuff the note down the side of their seat, maybe so someone else would find it? Anyway, I stuffed it back where I found it in case someone else thought it would be interesting.

It seemed like a pretty neat idea, writing it all out like that. Sometimes getting your life together can be so overwhelming. It is better to split it up into smaller, bitesize chunks.

I remember once at school I was getting a lecture about finishing large tasks on time and staying organised. I was told to compare it to the slightly gruesome image of trying to eat an elephant.

If you tried it in one sitting on your own, it would be IMPOSSIBLE! But if you cut it up, had some burgers, made some mince, maybe froze some or gave some away to your friends, it would seem a lot more manageable.

Aside from making me feel a bit ill, thinking about processing all that meat, the general idea is sound. Things are easier to achieve in bitesize chunks. So I thought I would think of my own bitesize chunks of elephant, or short term goals.

1. Pay off overdraft: I should really start paying back that free money (I kid) I made use of at university. Every payday I think that I might make it out, but then by the end of the month I am back in the depths of it. The day my bank balance goes above £0 will be momentous.

2. Declutter my things so they actually fit in the flat and are not overflowing everywhere.

3. Fold clothes when putting them away. Do not stuff them in the drawer or throw them on the floor.

4. Get better at talking to people at work. You want workmates don’t you?

5. Watch less TV

6. Keep learning and keep writing

7. Comparing yourself with other people is bad and a little bit soul-destroying. Do not do it.

8. Exercise more.

9. Save some money and book a holiday (after that pesky overdraft has been dealt with… maybe).

10. Be happy with what you have.

I’ll try to keep these in mind over the next few months. Maybe I will revisit them again soon to see how I am progressing!


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