Change is Afoot

Today I am contemplating my blog title and tagline, and whether they could be improved.

My current title, Unorganised Chaos was chosen for a few reasons.

1. I am quite a messy and occasionally disorganised person (although I am getting better!)

2. Life post-university feels a bit chaotic and directionless because what am I supposed to do now?!

3. The universe in general is a bit chaotic and random, as a space geek I like to be reminded of this every once in a while.

I was a bit torn about whether it needs changing. I don’t love the title, and I am not entirely sure whether unorganised is a word (it’s disorganised isn’t it?). But it does seem to fit my general failure to plan too far into the future.

I tried to think of some alternatives but did not come up with anything I liked more.

Then I thought I could just call it Organised Chaos, the one fewer syllable makes it sound cleaner and I do try to organise myself a bit. I also think that is what I am aiming for in life, some chaos with a vague plan attached to it.

So right now I am just considering dropping one syllable, I cannot tell whether it is ridiculous or ingenius (hmm, Ingenius Chaos? Ridiculous Chaos?).

I think I have decided on Chaos, but what kind of chaos do I want it to be?

My tagline a record of my attempts of being a grown up, I quite like. It leaves it quite open for me to write about almost anything and it is not too long. It can stay.

In the meantime I shall contemplate exactly what kind of chaos I think my life is, and hopefully come up with an appropriate adjective.



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