It Only Took a Year

It’s happened. One year after graduating from university I have been offered a full-time, permanent job!

It is working on the other campus of the college where I work now, in the library there. I think this role could be more interesting and the other campus is lovely.

Plus, the combination of it being full-time rather than 25 hours a week and closer to where I live (thus cheaper on the train), means that I will no longer be counting the days and train fares until pay day towards the end of the month.

This year has been a lesson in not comparing myself to other people, having studied Physics a lot of my classmates are doing impressive things like PhDs and well-paid graduate schemes. While these jobs are rarely in areas I am interested in, seeing the rose-tinted version of people’s fancy jobs on social media can still make me unnecessarily hard on myself.

But I am trying not to do that any more, because it is literally no fun at all. I am now only comparing myself to… myself, a year ago. Back then I was working in a convenience store with horribly unsociable hours and an ill-fitting uniform that made me look about 15 (people would assume I was under 18 and could not sell them their alcohol).

And now I am about to start a full time job with sensible hours, close to my home and with some lovely people.

Things have improved for me and I feel like I am moving in the right direction. As long as I keep feeling like that, I am happy.



5 thoughts on “It Only Took a Year”

  1. Congratulations! I feel your struggle, excitement, and happiness through your words. And thank you for the reminder on not comparing oneself to others..especially nowadays with it being so easy to do so through all the social media platforms. The best we can do is try to improve ourselves because we want to and not because we feel like we have to fit a mold or meet expectations. I’m rooting for you!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

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