The Plant

About 15 years ago my cousin and I were at my Nana’s house and she gave us each a clipping of her Jade Plant to take home.

Things have escalated.

Jade Jungle

Until recently it was sat on the windowsill of my childhood room at my mothers house. It has not been the most pampered plant.

-The only time it got watered was when I came to visit.

-My mum has been telling me that it needs a bigger pot for a little while now.

-Being on the windowsill has made it a bit lop-sided, thanks to all that sun-chasing!

Despite this terrible case of plant neglect it has stuck around. As previously mentioned I’ve had to clear out my childhood room and now the plant is in the flat.

It’s nice. R and I don’t have any pets so maybe looking after this living thing will be fun.  The weekend I brought it home coincided  with R going away with his friends so it felt nice to have a little plant companion with me.  I’ve taken to calling it Jean, after my Nana. She’ll like that.

I think Jean deserves a bit of TLC after her tough years on the windowsill.  I plan on regular rotations so each part gets a bit in the Sun, and I will get her a bigger pot.  I have never repotted a plant before, but Google and YouTube have been most helpful.  Just need to find a pot…

I’d love to know more about looking after plants. The flat has a balcony and I think it would be the perfect place to grow some flowers. However, as some people may have noticed my plant nurturing instincts need some work.

I m hoping looking after Jean will encourage me to look into a little balcony garden. Hopefully in a few months time I will be looking at a happier, healthier plant with a bunch of new friends!


8 thoughts on “The Plant”

      1. Haha well at least it survived! I don’t think I’d want a plant that wasn’t at least a bit resilient, because it is very easy to put off looking after them properly! I hope it grows the rest of its leaves eventually!

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  1. Jade plants are relatively simple to take care of so it’s a great plant for you to start practicing care with. Repotting it won’t be too hard as it’s a succulent type of plant and the transplant won’t cause it too much stress like it might do to other types of plants. Try and get an aerated soil for this type of plant. Also, I’d suggest a succulent garden for when you feel ready to start expanding your garden. They are low maintenance and can be multiplied successfully and do so like crazy. We started off with a few and started getting crazy with grabbing clippings from other people’s plants…before we knew it, our apartment patio was overtaken by all sort of succulent plants. It was awesome, but now we’re looking for new homes for them since we have way too many.
    Plants are indeed great companions especially when you see them thriving. Wishing you the best.

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    1. Wow thanks that is really useful! 🙂

      Yes I think they are quite hardy so can cope with my plant ignorance! I’ll keep succulent plants in mind for once I think I am handling the Jade Plant properly.

      Your patio full of plants sounds great! I can imagine it being satisfying when they start growing the way they are meant to and looking all happy!

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