How to be a morning person

For my new job I have to get up at six.

Six! That is probably my limit on early mornings. If I had to get up any earlier for work I would probably just consider moving closer for the sake of more sleepy time.

Some people will not think that six is that bad. I know it is probably pretty standard. My brother sometimes has to get to work for seven and his commute is almost two hours. I do not even want to think about that.

As you can guess, he was not terribly sympathetic when I moaned about getting up at six.

So I am trying to be a bit more of a morning person and be a bit more enthusiastic about getting up. So far this has entailed:

-Setting out my clothes the night before to avoid rummaging in drawers while half asleep in the morning.

-Having a routine; clothes, teeth, make up, breakfast, go!

-Making a cup of tea to drink on the train (the power of this is not to be underestimated).


I also find that looking in the mirror and liking the way I look puts a spring in my step while I am walking to the station at half six in the morning. I think that anyone who has to face early mornings is well within their rights to treat themselves to some work clothes they love!

And also a nice notebook or two, because I need no excuse to treat myself to some form of notebook.


This has been working pretty well so far. Now I just need to work on not feeling EXHAUSTED by the time I finish work without the help of coffee.



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