My Results Day

It was A Level Results Day the other day, which means that my own results day was FIVE years ago (where does the time go?!).

It was probably the most nervous and excited I have ever been. I became a bit obsessed with Results Day in the lead up to it. I would read forums on The Student Room endlessly; about life at university, about when the university’s decision would go live on UCAS, about the dreaded Clearing.

The night before I even looked up the universities that had places in Clearing and wrote down their numbers so I was READY in case it all went a bit wrong. So much preparation!

On The Day I woke up at six to check the UCAS website in case it had been updated. My mum appeared out of nowhere, obviously having sensed me trying to sneakily check without her. While she went to put the kettle on I checked the website.

I had got into my first choice.

I yelled to my mum and we both reveled in the news. She rang my Poppa because he always gets up really early and was the only person we knew who would be awake. He was thrilled. I spent the morning staring at the website feeling SO happy and excited.

I strolled into my school to get my results, assuming they must have been better than expected for me to get in to my first choice. Turns out, I had missed my offer by quite a bit. I went to the head of sixth form, confused.

Are these my grades?
But I got into my first choice.
That’s great! *hugs me*
They wanted AAB
They must have really liked you!

I still did not quite believe it, but I took it. When I got home the post had arrived and I had a letter from the university letting me know I had got in.

A month and a bit after that I went to university. It was fantastic, I am quite jealous of all the people starting every year because I would do it all again in a second.


It can be difficult moving somewhere where you do not know anyone, but starting university was such an exciting time. It was a bit scary and crazy but I remember feeling like it was the first time in my life where I was not waiting for something more exciting. Throughout school I was looking forward to Sixth Form, then I was looking forward to university.

Once I was there I felt much more like I was appreciating and living in the present, not wishing my life away. I try to remind myself to keep living like that, because isn’t that just much more fun?


7 thoughts on “My Results Day”

  1. Reading this reminded me of my A Level results day, two years ago! So many memories; I too got into my first choice, even though I had missed the requirements grades by quite a bit (I guess we were just insanely lucky)


  2. Thank you!

    Yes it definitely did! It was pretty much how I was expecting it I think. I read a lot of stuff online and I had a book guide to university that I read cover to cover, so I was probably a bit over prepared for how it would be!

    I think it helped that I made myself be really sociable near the beginning, the first year is a great time to meet loads of people!

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