Weekly Wonders #1

I decided I wanted to start doing a regular feature on my blog. I see them on other blogs and they seem pretty nifty, not least because it will provide me with a blog idea once a week.

I thought I would keep it simple. Just post about things that made me happy that week that might not necessarily need a whole blog post to themselves (after deciding on this I realised that I may have subconsciously stolen the idea from Friday Favourites on pro-blogger Hannah Gales site… I am going to do it anyway, I like the idea however I came up with it. Imitation is a form of flattery or something, right?!).

The feature will be called WEEKLY WONDERS, because who doesn’t love alliteration? I’ll probably try and post it every Wednesday, its the middle of the week, maybe a look back on the positives of the past week will help tide me over until Friday. It is also the day when I feel like asking someone what they did/will be doing at the weekend is too random. It plays havoc with my already lacklustre small talk skills. Maybe this will remind me that I do have things to talk about. I also hope that it will help me to remember to see things in a more positive light, and that’s always a good thing to do.

So, this weeks WONDERS

Family BBQ
Last weekend my uncle optimistically decided to hold a family BBQ. The weather in the week preceding it was a bit miserable, so I was pretty sure we’d be eating inside. THEN, I woke up on Saturday and it was SUNNY!

The BBQ was good. I got to see a bunch of family and meet my mums new boyfriend, who was very nice. And we ate outside, until about 3 when everyone decided that it was getting a bit chilly.

HPT Surprise
Last week I got in from work, collapsed on the bed and was thinking about getting changed when R came in and told me to check our shared Google Calendar. On a date in September were the letters HPT. Immediately I knew this stood for Harry Potter Tour. I wriggled around excitedly like the Harry Potter geek I am while R rolled his eyes.

We are going to the Harry Potter Studios in London. We went last year but have not seen the newly added Hogwarts Express and they are showing a screening of The Philosophers Stone on the day we are going. I can still mouth along to the majority of that film, especially the bit at Ollivanders. I remember every wand I’ve ever sold Mr Potter... Poor R.

I’ll see you in Potions!

New Job
I started my new job last week, and despite having to get up early I have been enjoying it. The people there are really nice and it feels like the place makes a positive difference. Two things not to be under-appreciated.

New job, new thermos
New job, new thermos

Blog Awards
The very lovely Little Nugget Big Nugget, Welsh Short Bread, Words Coffee and Lace Dresses and Beauty Marks all nominated me for several blog awards over the weekend and beginning of this week.  I had good intentions of writing the appropriate post for each one, but then I did not. That being said I am incredibly grateful to each of them for nominating me. It is so nice to know that some people actually enjoy the things I post. So thank you to them and I encourage people to visit their sites because I enjoy reading each of their blogs a lot.

Drive Soundtrack
I finally got round to watching Drive. I really enjoyed it! It is a bit violent, I went from thinking isn’t Ryan Gosling ADORABLE when he smiles like that to thinking Ryan Gosling is terrifying. It is also incredibly stylish and shot really well. It is the kind of action film I like, not too much action. The soundtrack is also fantastic, I have pretty much been listening to A Real Hero on repeat all week. I listened to it while walking home from the station and it was sunny and lovely and I felt all warm and fuzzy.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Wonders #1”

    1. Thanks, I am sure I will have a great time! Haha yeah I did get a bit confused about why everyone was trying to kill each other at one point but I think I caught up. It was certainly different to any other film I have seen!

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