Sunday Quote #1

Like some kind of psychic, I decided to come up with a regular feature for my blog and then 2 days later it was set as a task on Blogging 101.

I thought maybe I’ll do another one.

I used to be a bit of a quote freak.  I would buy collections of them, search for the online and try to memorise them.  While I am not quite so obsessed by them these days I do still enjoy reading or hearing some wise words.  So I thought why not just write a quick post every Sunday based around some words you enjoyed. Sounds like a good idea, I’ll call it SUNDAY QUOTE.

I know, the name is not terribly exciting.

Last night R and I watched Cloud Atlas.  As we had both read the book we spent most of the film discussing what we thought about how the directors had approached it. The book is told from 6 different points of view from different characters at different points in time.  It goes chronologically until you get to the far future and then goes back again, ending on the point of view on which it started.

If I was a filmmaker, I would not attempt to make this into a film.  That’s a lot to get across on screen.  The film jumps around between the viewpoints rather than just going up then down like the book.

I imagine if I had not read the book this would have been a bit confusing, especially as they used the same actors for different characters. Sometimes it made sense – Hugo Weaving was always a bad guy – and sometimes it did not – Tom Hanks played bad guys, good guys and in-between guys. We also did not realise that some of the actors were the same until it said so in the credits, because they were usually covered in a lot of make up.

And it was almost 3 hours long.

However, I think it rounded off most of the storylines pretty well and they included the fantastic last line from the book, which is this Sundays Quote:

cloud atlasWhile the film was a good attempt at adapting a complicated story, I’d read the book rather than watching the film.


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