A Moan About the Weather

As I write this, there’s a break in the torrential rain that has been going on since before I left the house. I refused to wear a winter coat with a hood because it’s only August! I will probably regret that later.

I don’t know if I am just realising this now or something strange is happening, but British weather seems to be getting more and more unpredictable to me.

I am well used to it going from torrential rain one day to glorious sunshine the next. It always made packing for going away in England a nightmare. You have to account for any weather eventuality.

But from about last year it just seems so indecisive. It can go from miserable to sunny and back again in the space of a day. Now just going out for a day out seems to require preparation for the weather.

I went for a day out on Saturday, it was nice and sunny so I wore a skirt and a T-shirt. I felt like I was being a bit of a risk taker for not bringing an umbrella or coat.

Luckily, it stayed sunny until we got home. Then it rained horribly during the evening. The next day it was so horrible we did not even go out to go food shopping. By the evening the sun had come out and we were walking into town to get ice cream.


I do not remember it being this unreliable. What’s the deal? Is global warming messing with the weather? Is it just a weird year? Am I only noticing it now that I am working during the summer, rather than a student enjoying Summer Holiday?

Whatever the reason, it is making me want to head somewhere you can expect it to be warm during the summer. I feel like I have not enjoyed enough sunshine this summer, and it’s nearly over!


11 thoughts on “A Moan About the Weather”

  1. I am an English girl living in the Caribbean, where it is hot and sunny every single day. I have to say, that when it does rain here, I kind of like it. I miss English weather. Just a little bit. I miss the variety. But I only miss it because there is little variety here. I always look out in the morning to see what the weather is doing. And I think to myself ‘oh, the suns out’. I like the variety. But not enough to want to swap it with England weather. Guess we can’t have everything.

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    1. That sounds lovely!

      I suppose the fact that it is not always sunny here means that we appreciate it more when it is! English people are so used to the weather being unpredictable (and moaning about it), it must be strange being somewhere knowing how it will behave.


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