Weekly Wonders #2

Despite the temperamental weather (what was up with it today?) this week has been pretty good. Complete with it’s own set of WONDERS.

Blogging 101
Blogging 101 finished at the weekend. While I did not complete ALL of the tasks, I had a go and I am very glad I took part. It helped me find some very nice bloggers out there and emphasised the importance of commenting on other peoples posts. Blogging is not just writing, but also reading, commenting and having a conversation.

I wanted to sign up for another Blogging U class. I was tempted to do Blogging 201 AND Writing 101 but I thought I would just stick with one. To paraphrase the wise Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, don’t half ass two things, whole ass one thing.

I went for Writing 101 as I think 201 is more to do with defining your brand and finding followers, I thought maybe developing my writing might be the thing to do first before I worry about things like that. I’ll catch you next time 201!

R and I took a trip to Romsey. A small town not too far from us. As with any street with bunting, it looked lovely.

Well this looks very English #dayOut #Summer

A post shared by Laura (@loucille1) on

We had a look around Romsey Abbey, which Henry VIII apparently sold to the town for about £100. Bargain! Is there a time travel story where someone goes back in time and buys a country with a couple of months wages? I would like to read it.


We also had the best ice cream I had ever tasted from a place called Sundaes Child. Marshmallow flavoured and delicious.

The sun emerging
This week has been pretty miserable weather-wise. This morning I got up and it looked a bit apocalyptic. It was windy, the sky was dark, I did not want to leave the flat. Luckily it did not start pouring with rain until I got to work. I spent every few minutes looking out the window and thinking eurgh.

Then, sometime after lunch, the rain stopped. The sun peeked out of the clouds and by the time I was waiting for the bus back to the station it was sunny!


Laura Marling
When I was 16 I used to love just watching the music channels like MTV, KISS, Kerrang etc. Once in the small hours of the morning Ghosts by Laura Marling came on and I loved it. 7 years and 5 albums later, I still love her. I only managed to see her live this May when she was playing about a 20 minute walk from the flat. I had to go!

I really like this song because I went to the gig on my own, hoping to maybe make some cool friends there. Unfortunately, the only other people who came on their own were middle aged men who brought books.

I recently got Spotify and while listening to her most recent album on there I realised that this song was not on the album I bought from Amazon. I love it!

Woman alone is not a woman undone.


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