Contact Lens Joy

I’ve had a bit of a contact lens nightmare.

A few weeks ago I went to put in my left contact lens to discover it simply was not in its container. I had a quick sweep of the area and could not find it. A dropped contact lens is almost always a write off, it was gone. No matter, I’ll start next months lenses early, but I better book an appointment soon, they’re my last ones!

This week I put in my left contact lens. The world was still blurry, it was not in my eye. Was it still on my finger? No. Was it on the bed somewhere? No.

It was gone.

I very rarely lose my lenses and I have managed to do it twice in quick sucession. I am now stuck with wearing my glasses for at least a couple of weeks.

Sometimes I think my glasses make me look sophisticated, sometimes a bit odd.

While I find it to be a bit of a nuisance now, I was so excited when I found out I had to wear glasses.

I was about 8 and had started junior school, I was having trouble reading the board. My parents got me an opticians appointment and they said I needed glasses for looking at the board, watching television and reading. I was excited about this because kids are weird.

I gradually got more short sighted, I was told I also needed to wear my glasses when walking anywhere so I just started wearing them all the time. My friends told me this would be bad for my eyes! So I stopped. Then the optician told me off for not wearing them all the time. By that point I was about 15 and did not like wearing my glasses, so I went to get contact lenses.

That appointment was interesting. My optician pretty much pinned me to the seat to get the lenses in. But it was great being able to see clearly without glasses!

Despite my slight fear that my lenses will infect my eyes with parasites and it can be a nuisance when I lose them, I have never really considered laser eye surgery.  This because I grew up watching The Simpsons and I remember an episode set in the future. Flanders is blind and says I never should have got that laser eye surgery, at the ten year mark your eyes fall out! This scene has stayed with me.

If anyone has had laser eye surgery over ten years ago and is still in possession of eyes, let me know and maybe I’ll think about it seriously.

Anyway, glasses and contact lenses have their own advantages.

It is nice to have the choice to wear glasses or not. Mine cover up quite a lot of my face, so if I want to hide the fact I could not be bothered to put on make up mine work pretty well.  Using contact lenses has made me not squeamish at all about poking myself in the eye, a useful skill (right?). It is also fun putting them in/taking them out in front of people who are squeamish about that sort of thing.

My eye test is booked for next weekend and hopefully they will provide me with some new lenses. Just one more week until I get to poke myself in the eye twice a day. Can’t wait.



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