Sunday Quote #2

I saw this weeks Sunday Quote while I was checking out a new book on photography that had just arrived at work. While flicking through it I noticed a quote from photographer Ernst Haas.


I quite liked it. I am no photographer but since I have been trying to accompany most of my posts with a photo I have been taking a lot more than I usually do.

I do not like taking loads of pictures or spending ages getting one perfect, I don’t have the patience for it. I also do not like feeling as if taking a decent picture is more important than actually being somewhere, I think it is possible to take too many photos and forget to actually enjoy the surroundings.

Saying that, I have been noticing things that would make nice photos that I might have overlooked before. If something looks particularly photogenic, I’ll either grab my phone and take a quick picture or take a second and appreciate it.

Thinking about what might make a nice picture in the back of my mind has helped me appreciate how the light hits certain buildings or trees, or how colours go together, things that I might have rushed past before.

Even if I don’t always take a picture, noticing how everyday things can have a bit of beauty to them is pretty nice. It has helped me slow down a bit and notice things more.


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