Totally Moved Out

A while ago I posted about how my mum was selling the house we moved into when I was 4. I moaned about how I had to take all the junk I had left at my mums house and try to fit it in the flat. This weekend I took advantage of the bank holiday and went to visit my mums ‘old’ house for the last time, she moves next weekend!



While I have been prepared for this, it will be very strange visiting my home town and not coming back to that house. I did not feel too emotional about leaving it for the last time (my mum did, that’s mums for you!) but it feels odd.

I think it will be harder for my mum because she has pretty much decorated every room in the house, and now someone else will be living in her nicely decorated rooms! She has seen my brother and me grow up there too, but it is the memories that are important, not necessarily the house they happened in.

I have lived away for university and then moved all of my things out properly to the flat, so I guess I have been gradually moving out over the last 5 years. But I won’t be spending Christmas there, we won’t be able to sit in that big garden and I won’t be sleeping in my old bedroom when I come and visit.


Not that this is a bad thing, sometimes it is good to make a change, it can be exciting. It kind of marks a new stage in life, my brother and me starting our own grown up lives, our mum doing what she likes with the new house and someone else starting a family in our old one.

It also made us all realise how much unnecessary stuff we keep, because we all needed a big clear out after staying in that house for so long! Hopefully the experience of clearing out all of that stuff will haunt me enough to be a bit more ruthless about what I decide to keep.

Maybe one day I will walk past the house again and ask the current owners if I can have a peek. I remember once watching a documentary about J. K. Rowling, she went to the flat she lived in before Harry Potter was published and she saw a copy of Harry Potter on the bookshelf. It was lovely. Maybe something like that could happen. Better start writing that bestseller.

Anyway, when I left I emotionally put my key on the counter like they do in the last episode of Friends.


Bye house, it’s been wonderful.


2 thoughts on “Totally Moved Out”

  1. I felt the same way about my old house. My mum was all emotional about it, but I had already said ‘goodbye’ it it so many times. She had it built from the ground up, so she was way more emotionally attached to it than I was. Weird how that happens, huh? I bet it’ll happen to us one day!

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    1. Yes exactly! Going back and forth from uni and then seeing everything get progressively packed away made it seem like less of a shock when I said goodbye to the house for the last time. I can imagine how putting all that effort into personalising a house and living there for a long time would make it hard to let go of, so I will probably have the same reaction as my mum someday!


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