Weekly Wonders #3

This week was already a winner because of the August bank holiday. I think if I was in charge we’d have three day weekends, and six hour workdays. Would we get anything done? I don’t know, but we would have so much time to chill who cares?

Apart from one fewer work day, there were other good things about this week.

Booking Time Off
I cannot take time off in September because it is too busy, but my manager told me to let her know if I wanted any leave during the Autumn term. After some consultation with R I decided on a few days in the middle of October, we are thinking of taking a trip to Venice. I am pretty excited about this. The only other time I have been to the land of pizza, pasta, Roman ruins and all that was during quite a stressful school trip to Rome when I was 14. Hopefully a nice trip to Venice will give me a more chilled (and less horrifically generalised) idea of Italy.

First Aid Training
It seems like all of the staff where I work are First Aid trained in some way. I got signed up to a day course for emergency first aid and it was pretty interesting (and horrifying!). The guy who delivered it was great, he showed us some gruesome pictures (a photo of de-gloving is not for the faint-hearted) and told us a lot of terrifying tales. Hopefully I will not ever have to use what I have learnt, but it is good to know!

first aid

Cheap Cider
A One Stop Convenience Store opened down the road from us and despite it bringing back memories from when I worked there for three months after graduating it has been fantastically useful for picking up random things on the way home from work. They are also doing crates of Rekorderlig and Kopperberg for £10, why wouldn’t you stock up!?

Friendly Bus Driver
The bus I get from work to the train station is not very regular during the holidays. I usually have a half an hour wait between finishing work and the bus arriving. For this reason I usually leave work and walk to the bus stop at a very leisurely pace. I did this and just missed the bus, because the ‘term time’ bus timetable had started without my knowledge.

Luckily there was another bus going a slightly different route. The driver said I could get on his bus and walk about 5/10 minutes to the station even though I had the wrong kind of return. He stopped and let me off down the road from an actual bus stop so my walk was shorter. Then my train pulled up as soon as I arrived at the station! I wanted to do a little dance.

Public transport does have its shortcomings but when the people working for the companies help you out it can make such a difference.


I was slightly less lucky with the bus today.  It was so late I thought I must have missed it.  I had noticed some flowers for sale at the reception where I work earlier that day so I thought I would buy some while I waited. It made me feel less grumpy.

Macklemore and Lewis
I am really enjoying Spotify because it lets me listen to random things I might not have thought to listen to if it was less convenient. I had heard a few songs from The Heist by Macklemore and Lewis and thought I’d give it a full listen. It’s great, I have been listening to it on repeat!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wonders #3”

  1. I know the feeling about Italy and school trips! I think my younger sister is going to Venice in the Autumn half term, but she’ll mostly be looking at volcanoes (it’s a geography trip). This post put a little smile on my face, a lovely chirpy approach to life 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you can miss a lot of things when going on a school trip, it is not quite the same as visiting somewhere yourself! I am quite amazed at how the teachers managed to transport 20ish schoolkids across Rome without losing any of us!

      Your sisters school trip sounds like it will be really interesting. Venice and Volcanoes!

      Aww, thank you! I am glad the post made you smile 🙂


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