Weekly Wonders #4

This week feels a bit hectic for some reason. While I do feel a bit rushed off my feet, it does make the weekend come around quicker, which is nice. This crazy weeks wonders are…

Writing 101
I am quite enjoying the prompts for Writing 101. While I have only posted one thing from it so far I am doing some writing for each prompt. I just need to get myself together and make them readable enough for posting. They will trickle out steadily over the next few weeks!

Booking Flights
Last week I said that I had booked some time off work so R and I could go to Venice. Well, now we have booked the flights. Now we just need somewhere to stay! I have been looking at Airbnb. Some of the prices are quite reasonable considering we are looking at booking a whole flat! It would be great to find somewhere lovely with a nice host. I reckon it would add to the experience if we stayed in an actual flat, we could imagine that we actually lived there!

Healthy Eating
I have recently managed to scare myself into eating a bit healthier. I have cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch everyday and have one bit of fruit if I remember, my poor heart! So I downloaded a healthy meals app (change4life) and have been shopping according to the recipes on there. So far I have cooked a pasta and tomato sauce which was a bit bland, but I do not possess the herbs to make it taste more interesting than tomato and onion. I did buy a basil plant for 89p though, it then proceeded to die on me about two days later.

It's like you don't WANT me to eat healthily!
It’s like you don’t WANT me to eat healthily!

New Contact Lenses
I mentioned before about my clumsy contact lens ways. I needed some more contact lenses so I booked an eye test and a contact lens appointment at Specsavers. I am always amazed at how much Specsavers check your eyes, they’ve never had so much attention!

Anyway, my prescription has gone up. The optician (a very nice American lady) said that it would probably keep going up because most people stabilise in the late 20s. So that’s something to look forward to.

We also had a nice conversation about life and she reassured me that I would probably work out what I wanted to do, and that she did not know what she wanted to do until she was 25. Then she said that before I knew it I’ll be an 80 year old wondering where my life went.

I hope I have her for my next eye appointment.

A lie in
I wrote before moaning about how I had to get up at 6 to get to work. Now that it is term time and the library stays open later, I work 0815-1645 Monday, Wednesday-Friday, so I have to get early. BUT on Tuesdays I work 1230-2000. I did my first evening shift yesterday. I definitely relished not having to get up so early and got ready at a more leisurely pace. Once I pluck up the courage to join the gym I will use this free morning for lovely, horrible exercise. Wish me luck!

I have been following the story about the refugee crisis. It was not until I saw the picture of the poor toddler,  Aylan Kurdi, who drowned trying to get to Greece from Turkey, along with his mother and brother, and then heard the experience of his father that it hit home just how heartbreaking the whole thing really is.

Out of all this suffering, it is great to see people offering any help they can. From the worldwide tribe delivering donations to Calais and listening to peoples stories,

Loads of people keep asking me the same question, 'but why do these people want to come to England!?' This was one of my questions too… Why England when they've already made it into France? So I asked several people in the camp and this is what I learnt from them… ☺️ So turns out lots of the people in the camp AREN'T trying to get to England at all… Many people ARE applying for refugee status in France, but as this is a long process during which you are not allowed to work, you are left with little choice but to stay in the jungle and wait (up to two years!) The number of people that are trying to get into England is actually pretty bloody tiny compared to the amount of refugees in many other European countries like Germany or Italy. Those who ARE trying often have family or friends already in the UK who they are trying to reunite with, or have even lived in the UK before! Language is also a huge factor. The level of English in the camp is high and everyone I spoke to is keep to get a job and support themselves ASAP…much easier if you have a basic grasp on the language. This is also much more likely than in Greece or Italy where finding work at all is not going to be easy! Many people have also grown up learning about how amazing England is and have very high expectations of it as a country… Life in the jungle in France still leaves a lot to be desired so I guess people hope for more prospects in England…not in terms of benefits (asylum seekers can't actually tap into the benefit system and instead receive a tiny £36.62 a week compared to £88.65 in Norway or £67.56 in Germany) but it terms of finding work. Finally there is a district lack of information available for people in the camp, especially those with no phones, making it difficult for them to make an informed decision about where to go to be safe, have work, and live. ☺️ Anyone recognise this jacket? It was donated to us and passed on to this lovely guy who was very happy with it! | #theworldwidetribe

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to an airbnb for refugees being set up. I know there is still a lot of suffering going on, but it is so great to see people helping and giving others the opportunity to help too.


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