The Space to Write

I have had to get good at writing on the go, because otherwise I would not have a lot of time to do it!

The train to work is where most of it gets done. When my train was less busy and it was unlikely anyone would sit next to me and look over my shoulder, I would write in a notebook. For my new job my train is pretty busy and I do not always get a seat (like today!). So I have switched over to my phone, which is not nearly as lovely as writing in a notebook. It still gets done though, and that’s the main thing.

During my breaks at work I will try and edit posts or get them posted. I have recently bought a Chromebook that I can quite easily throw in my bag so I can do things on there whenever I am away from home. I was getting sick of all that typing on my phone and the WordPress app does occasionally give me grief!

This is not my ideal way to write, trying to squeeze it in during my work day.

I would love to write everything down in a lovely notebook either on a desk or a really comfortable chair with a nice big cuppa tea lurking around somewhere. I would want it to be in a room with nice big windows as well, maybe looking over the sea? Or maybe just on a deckchair on a nice secluded beach?  That sounds good.

When I am typing up I think sitting in a coffee shop with my Chromebook would be pretty nice too. Although I much prefer to write in a private place, it might get a bit too quiet for me and I might want a bit of movement around me.  I like to move around a bit.  When I was writing my Masters project I would go a bit stir crazy writing in my room so would brave the library. So a coffee shop (maybe in Paris!) could work.

Actually now I am just thinking Paris would be great.  I could take a seat along the Seine and just write in my notebook there.

I do not think I am too picky about where I write, it seems like I just want to write in nice places.  This is probably quite useful,  I do not want my preferences to be too specific! While I do like writing somewhere quiet and secluded, there are times when I want to get out a bit and write somewhere where if I get a bit stuck for ideas I can look up and watch what is going on around me.  I find that can help to get some ideas together.  Sitting in a quiet room on my own can be a bit isolating if I feel a bit stuck.

I am glad that I manage to write in my non-ideal situation though.  I feel like I have added writing into my routine quite well, so hopefully it is a habit that sticks.

I have added a contact form called Thoughts? to my page! (you should see it on the menu at the top of my page, or here). So far I shall just use it as a space for people to leave any thoughts they have.  Posts you would like to read from me, things I should do more or less of?  If you have any opinions on this feel free to fill in the form or comment on this post.


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