Weekly Wonders #5

This weeks wonders is going up later than planned thanks to an attack from the COMMON COLD. Despite being too tired and sleepy to really write much,  I battled through work for two days. Today I woke up and just thought no more and called in sick.  I am still in bed, still in my pajamas.  I swear colds did not used to affect me this much, I used to happily go to school with a cold and think nothing of it. Now I wake up with a sniffle and all I want to do is curl up in bed.  

Is it like hangovers,  where they get worse the older you get?  Probably, most ailments seem to work that way.

Anyway, before I was struck with my cold, I was feeling more organised this week.  I have been looking forward to the weekend more than usual, because I am going to the HARRY POTTER STUDIOS (oh please let me be well enough for that)! Plus, one of Rs and mine university friends is coming to stay with us because he starts his new job a week before he can move into his new house.  I hope he finds our sofa bed comfortable and our cooking delicious.

So the Sun has been pretty hit and miss.  It was sunny on Tuesday so on Wednesday I did my classic denial of the fact that it is almost Autumn and wore my Summer coat when I thought I saw a patch of blue sky. The sky then turned grey and it rained all day.  Luckily there was a spare umbrella at work I could take with me to stop myself getting too soaked.

But it was sunny yesterday!
But it was sunny yesterday!

Red Arrows
I have never really known much about the Red Arrows or have much interest in seeing them (some planes with colourful smoke right? Okay then…).  

For these reasons I did not know that they were making an appearance in the city I lived in last weekend.  There I was, watching a documentary about China when I heard this big rumbly roar.  I saw a plane go past extremely quickly and made a note of it, but carried on with my programme.  Then another one showed up and flew above the flat at a shockingly low altitude.  At this point I paused the TV and went out onto the balcony to see what the fuss was about.  More planes joined the party and I slowly realised that these must be the Red Arrows!

There I am minding my own business, when I hear this rumble and the #RedArrows show up!

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I quite enjoyed the display, more than I thought I would have.  I saw other people in our building wander onto their balconies as well and saw a guy and his son watching them from the ground.  It was nice.  Once they finished I stood outside for quite a while afterwards to make sure I did not miss any and it was definitely over.

So cool. #RedArrows

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Maybe the Red Arrows are pretty cool.

Red Arrows

So now we have booked some accommodation for Venice! It is a flat through Airbnb that looks quite nice and has some good reviews.  We are a bit concerned about just finding a normal building rather than a hotel in the middle of Venice.  I guess we will have to print off a map or something, and our host will hopefully be there to greet us.  Just need to decide what sights we want to see now!

Nina Simone

Something about this song just makes me excitable.


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