Weekly Wonders #6

I have recovered from my cold!  Everyone at work said that I looked much better when I returned to work on Monday.  This could be because I genuinely looked that ill or because I did not bother to put makeup on in my sickly state, maybe a combination of the two.  I am now a bit worried that I look ill when I do not wear makeup. But this is a very minor worry,  I won’t sweat it too much.  

This week’s wonders…

I mentioned last week that one of mine and Rs friends is coming to stay for a week while he is between houses.  I quite like having a guest, and it is great to be able to catch up over a decent period of time rather than just a meal or something.  His new house is apparently quite close to our flat, so we may well get sick of each other eventually(I kid!). For now, it is good.

Exercise App
I would rather not count the number of times I have mentioned joining the gym at work, because I still have not done it.  It is not the cost, more the fact that I will be spending less time at home in the evenings.  My work is also quite difficult to get to so gym time will always have to happen on a workday, when I am liable to be lazy and sneak home.  

These are my excuses.  I have downloaded a fitness app with 30 day challenges on it. If I do not stick with this, I will join that gym and hopefully the fact that I have paid membership will guilt me into going.  Can you tell how much I like exercise?

I have started the beginner level 1 squat challenge, first day was 30 squats, then 50, then 75.  Considering it is already making my legs ache maybe this is the right level to be starting at.  If I start with small workouts I can easily fit in my day and gradually do more I probably have a better chance of sticking with it.

A good start
A good start

My Little Box
So I saw an advert for these things on my Facebook (well played, ad robots). They are monthly boxes full of beauty and lifestyle goodies, costing £15 but worth more.  I received my first one last week and was pretty happy with it.  I got a BB Cream, a scarf, some lip gloss, nail decals and hairspray.  

Then my second one arrived yesterday (I ordered Augusts one late in the month so they arrived in quick succession), and I felt a bit overwhelmed by what was in there.  A bag, bronzer, body milk, lip/cheek stuff and hairbands.  I am not sure whether I will keep getting them every month because I may well end up with a bit of a backlog.

I don't have room for all this!
I don’t have room for all of this!

 I am only just now going through the ‘experimenting with makeup’ phase a lot of people go through in their teenage years. The most I did back then was wear a lot of eyeliner, so I am a bit of a makeup novice. It is good to be able to try different things and work out what I like and what I cannot be bothered to deal with.  It also stops me from going shopping for accessories or makeup when I am in town.  I just think nope, you have one of those boxes arriving, see what is in there.  It is not saving me money but I do not feel like I have suddenly become crazily extravagant in subscribing to it.

Of Monsters and Men
I love a bit if a pun. But a pun that sounds a bit meaningful as well? And is the title of a great song?  Well, that’s just fantastic.

I of the Storm.  I get it!

Okay, I had not watched the video for this song until I searched it on YouTube to put on here and I kind of love it.


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