Sunday Quote #6

I was considering not doing a Sunday Quote today because I am a bit tired. I went to a university friends flat party/small gathering last night.  I drank a little bit more than a moderate amount and we stayed up until 4ish playing Cards Against Humanity, a game that you will like if you have a slightly dark sense of humour.

The student in me will always have a soft spot for good value alcohol. I bought 1.5L of Lambrini for £2.79 and drank almost all of it. I know that Lambrini has a bad reputation, as most cheap drinks with a slightly high percentage of alcohol do. But I think it tastes alright and it is SO CHEAP.

Despite drinking quite a bit I managed to be surprisingly sensible and I remember spending an hour or so drinking countless glasses of water, so while I felt very tired and a bit delicate today, it was not a terrible hangover.  I feel like I have come a long way in drinking more responsibly than I did when I was student. I had some bad hangovers back then.

I like the quote I chose today because, well, no matter how many remedies people come up with for hangovers, the only way to guarantee not having them is not to drink alcohol.  Obvious, I know.

Now that I have less free time than I did as a student, hangovers can actually be pretty inconvenient, not just something to laugh and message your equally hungover friends about. I have had become a bit more sensible.

Saying that, I am seeing some more university friends next weekend and we are heading to our favourite bars from when we were students, I think I’ll need a few quiet weekends after that.



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