Weekly Wonders #7

So today my bus back to the train station was either an hour and 20 minutes late or it just did not turn up and the next bus was 20 minutes late.  Either way, I’m thinking about saving up for driving lessons and a car.  But anyway, the things that I am happy about this week are…

Future Learn
This is a website where you can sign up to free MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).  I heard about it when I finished university and while I did sign up for a couple I was not very good at sticking to them. Back then I was a bit disorganised and was spending a lot of time applying for jobs that did not require me to both get up a 4am some days and get home at midnight on others  (working in convenience stores is great!).  Now I feel like I have a bit more structure to my life and I can spend my free time doing random courses without having I should be applying for jobs running around in my head, I am hoping I will stick to them a bit better.

The course I have just started is called Superpowers of the Ancient World: the Near East.  So far I have learnt a bit about Egypt.  I quite like doing things like this, I stopped doing History at the earliest age possible at school (14, how is that almost 10 years ago?!) because I was not very good at it, so now I am quite keen to learn a bit more about it.

Flat Party
I mentioned on Sunday that I went to a flat party of a university friend on Saturday night and drank more cheap alcohol than was sensible.  I was actually considering not going to the party because I did not know the person hosting it that well and did not really know any of the other guests.  Plus it was a train ride (or rail replacement bus, good ol’ Network Rail) away and I was not sure if this was an unreasonable amount to travel for the sake of a party of someone I did not know that well.  I decided to go anyway, reasoning that I could say I had to get the last bus home as an excuse to leave early if needed.

I actually had a great time! At about 4am I fell asleep in the hosts flat and wandered back down to the train station in the morning.  Now that the people I know are more spread out I think I will have to accept that going to parties and seeing people will require a bit more effort and planning than walking down the road.

Buddies coming to visit!
I am pretty excited about this one.  Some of my friends from university are coming to stay in the flat this weekend and we are going to head to our favourite bars from university (I am the only one who stayed in our university town).  We also might go and see The Martian, because we all did Physics with either Astronomy or Space Science and I know it can’t be just me that misses a big group discussion about whether the science made sense after watching a science fiction film.  

Glastonbury Festival tickets also go on sale on Sunday, so the flat may well turn into some kind of Glastonbury ticket buying hub in a desperate attempt to nab some tickets in the few minutes it takes for them to sell out!

The Maccabees!
R and I got tickets to see these guys in November.  I cannot wait!


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