How to Make a Young Person Feel Old

I am 23.  I know that this is not old, but that does not stop me from occasionally thinking oh man, I’m old! I try not to be one of those people that says oh I am 24 next year, I am so old! Because that is not old, you fool,  in the grand scheme of things it is pretty young.  

However, you can still feel old at this tender age because how old you feel is often relative to the situation.  I mostly feel old when things I used to enjoy lose their appeal, or things that I used to think were lame I suddenly quite like.

Last weekend, my friends from university came down to visit and we went to the pub and club we went to frequently during our university time.  In our first year when our grades did not count towards our final mark, we would go there at least once a week and have a fantastic time.

This weekend? We did enjoy ourselves, we sort of just saw things in a different light.  

For instance, in the pub we could not help but notice just how loud the music was.  We could barely hear each other.  Before it was something we would happily put up with, last weekend we got a bit frustrated and it was probably a topic of conversation that got brought up more times than was cool.

The club? The club is probably the most studenty student club ever, by which I mean it is disgusting. It is often described as the worst club in the UK.  When we first arrived at university, people would say that you have to be drunk to go there because it has a bit of an aroma, and that you should never wear nice shoes there, because they will get covered in fluids. 

People love it.  When people first arrive at my university, students in older years tell them that is where they need to go, and we did.  We would go the the previously mentioned pub, then stumble down to this club, buy small buckets of alcohol for £3, have a great time then turn up to our 9am lecture the next day. How?

This weekend we arrived at the club, bought some drinks and sat outside.  We talked to some of the students there and felt surprised at how they did seem noticeably younger than all of us.  I went to the toilet.  The toilets are not nice, wet floors and doors that do not lock.  I went in a cubicle and while simultaneously hovering over the toilet seat and holding the door shut I thought I am too old to be doing this.

This the first time I have thought this and I doubt it will be my last.

We went to the dancefloor, which was far too crowded and felt slightly more like a mosh pit than somewhere we could dance.  We still enjoyed ourselves but we found it all pretty tiring.  We stayed until close and got a taxi back to the flat.  The next morning we were not fully operational until about 10, when we went to get a nice big breakfast.  I think my hangover lasted all day.

I know we are not old, but I think we are starting to realise that we are not as young as we used to be.


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