Weekly Wonders #8

I knew that run of it being sunny was too good to be true. It well and truly feels like Autumn. I am feeling pretty tired this week and in need of a holiday, which is good because…

This weekend we are off to Venice! I have switched learning French on Duolingo to learning Italian. I do not feel prepared, unless someone wants to know that a horse doesn’t eat rice il cavallo non mangia ris. I exaggerate, I know yes, no, please and thank you. Hopefully I will get by okay. I hope the weather in Venice is a little bit better than what we are having here, it was a bit of a risk booking an October holiday somewhere only slightly more south than England.

Exercise App
This is a rare occurrence, I have stuck with an exercise routine. For two whole weeks. I am still going strong with my squat challenge and started a push up one as well. Hopefully this will eventually snowball in a more strenuous regular workout. I also downloaded My Fitness Pal, which I may write a whole post on because I can already see some potential things in my eating habits to poke fun at (spoiler: I do not have a balanced diet).

Plans with friends
I seem to be having a run of busy weekends, which is both exhausting and exciting.  The weekend after we get back from Venice I will be seeing two of my best friends from school. I expect the weekend will revolve around watching lots so bad it’s good types of things in Netflix.  We do enjoy a bit of Goosebumps or Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

We only went and managed to pay our deposits for Glastonbury Festival at the weekend.  Well, we sat around failing to get anywhere on the website.  R’s friend managed to get in and buy the tickets.  It feels too early to get excited about it so I am just quietly enjoying the fact that I will be going. I love a music festival. I have only been to Glastonbury once and found it a bit exhausting but incredibly fun and friendly.  I feel like I can prepare more the second time around (bring more cider, a chair and wellies that were not incredibly cheap from Primark).  I have penciled in the time off at work, now to wait the 8/9 months until it starts.

Can't wait
Can’t wait.

Florence and the Machine
She’s just so good!


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