My Fitness Pal Experiment

I would not say my diet was particularly healthy or unhealthy.  It is probably pretty normal.

Breakfast: cereal and yoghurt (I seem to be the only person that spells yoghurt with an ‘h’, is that an old English thing or am I spelling it wrong?),
Lunch: sandwich and some snacks,
Dinner: meat with carbs.

The occasional meal out or takeaway. Throw in the odd piece of fruit less often than I should.

I hope that is normal and I am not being judged on my unhealthy ways.

Lately I have been paying more attention to what is actually in the food I eat and I am trying to cook more meals from scratch because I quite like knowing exactly what has gone into my food.  I know I could be healthier and I think my body will thank me if I put a bit more effort into getting the right food in my belly.

I have heard people talk about My Fitness Pal and how it was great for them when trying to lose weight or generally stay healthy, so I thought I would give it a try!

At the end of my first day of using it, I found it quite easy to stay within the calorie limit, which was good to know.  It does possibly mean that what I thought was a conservative guess that I spent 2.5 hours walking around at a leisurely pace at work was wrong.  Strolling around at work plus the walk between the flat and the station took off 500 calories, which seems like a lot!

So the low calories were not a problem. That is not the hard part for me.  The hard part is the nutrition.  I ate pretty much all of the carbs I was allowed (which mostly came from sugar thanks to a not-so Innocent Super Smoothie, won’t be getting another one of them in a hurry!) and most of the fat.  That was pretty much it. It really made me realise that I need to balance out my diet a bit!

There are other food groups Laura!
Where are the vitamins Laura!?

So I am going to try and eat a more varied diet, but it can be pretty hard to know where to start.  People are always talking about avocado, why? Do I need to know about kale? What on Earth is quinoa?

Before I spend money on a healthy cookbook I am trying to find healthy recipes on the internet for free, gotta love that internet.  I may have bought a £2 cookbook from The Works to help me think of quick meals.

I feel like 20 minutes is optimistic.
I feel like 20 minutes is optimistic.

That being said, I might scout out a good cookbook to put on my Christmas List.  I feel like Jamie Oliver could help me out here, I have cooked his paella recipe before and it was pretty nice.  Plus, he stopped the school canteen selling curly fries and that was probably a good thing in the long run.  People in my school were obsessed with curly fries, we would run to the canteen at the beginning of lunch to get them before they ran out…

What was I writing about?  Oh yeah, healthy eating.  No more curly fries.

I may have stopped logging my meals during my trip to Venice because who needs to feel guilty about all of that delicious tiramasu and gelato and biscotti?  I’ll start again soon.


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