Weekly Wonders #8

I feel a bit weird this week.  It is probably some form of post-holiday blues.  Why don’t I live somewhere lovely like Venice or Paris?  Why do I have to get up so early? 

Poor me.

I will probably feel a bit better once I get back into my routine and get round to planning my next holiday.  Right now, I have been in one of those moods where I am kind of just thinking what AM I doing with my life? What’s the plan here?  

I am sure I will feel better soon, especially with the help of this weeks Wonders!

Midnight’s Children
I finished it! What a book! It has inspired me to learn a bit more about India and history in general because whilst reading the book I did kind of realise that my knowledge of recent history is sparse.  I think I need to read some kind of analysis of the book too because, well, I feel like I did not get everything out of it that I could have. I would like to know more about how to interpret the book.

Seeing friends
I went to the distant land of Wales to visit my oldest school friend last weekend and it was great.  Our other friend came as well and we had a lot of fun.  I quite like seeing my friends from school because they are very different from my university friends.  While my university friends discuss things like Lord of the Rings and computer games and Physics (stereotypical geeky things, I know), my friends from home enjoy watching things like RuPauls Drag Race and Goosebumps on Netflix and tell me about things like the Drag Queen Tongue Pop.  Without my friends these things would completely not enter my radar at all, and I am thankful that they have.

Healthy Eating
Okay, I stopped using My Fitness Pal in Venice, and did not start it again because I was visiting my friend and I knew we would be both sedentary and gluttonous.  Now is the time to start it up again and keep up the healthy eating.  I may have neglected to log the packet of Skittles I wolfed down whilst waiting for my delayed train the other day, but it’s not like I am going to get super-healthy overnight.

Squat Challenge
Speaking of being healthy, I have nearly finished my 30 day squat challenge! This is pretty exciting for me, I never usually stick with exercise.  Now that I know my leg muscles can actually take some exercise, I have good intentions of going jogging, maybe 2/3 times a week.  I do know that the weather may put me off though, so maybe I will get creative with the steps in the flat, or find an exercise video I can do online… inside.  Yeah, I think I will do that.

Bon Iver
I could not decide which one to put, they’re both amazing!


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