Knowing What You Like

Libraries are underrated. I went to the library last weekend to return Midnight’s Children (and *cough* pay my fine) and went in search of a few other things to take out.

I did not want to get anymore fiction books because I have a bit of a to-be-read mountain going on at home. I thought maybe I would get something that would help with writing, or learning French.

I picked up two (thin) French books for me to have a crack at reading and a book on writing.

Since finishing university, these have been the two hobbies that I have most enjoyed. This seems pretty random considering I had just spent 4 years studying Physics with Astronomy. Shouldn’t I be heading out with my telescope every evening?

It is strange how you get drawn to certain interests at different times. Right now if someone offered me the opportunity to either work on a prestigious and groundbreaking astronomy project somewhere exotic or a job writing somewhere in France (it could happen!), I feel like I would enjoy the latter more. Did I pick the wrong degree or something?

At school I was a bit of an all rounder but Science and Maths were my subjects. I was good at French too, I was alright at English but I was not quite top of the class like I sometimes was with Maths.

I do not regret studying Physics at all. I am pretty sure I would have wished I had picked it if I had gone for something else. You can teach yourself a language (or sign up to classes) and being a good writer rarely has anything to do with studying it lots, it is about practice and perseverance.

I could not have taught myself Physics. I would not have been able to do the experiments I did at university at home. So for that reason, I am glad I picked Physics. But while my Maths-enjoying brain was happy to study it I think maybe I am not the right kind of person when it comes to actually applying it. I enjoyed writing about it and studying it more than I enjoyed doing it.

I think that is why I found it quite difficult after university, because all the graduate jobs that were looking for Physics graduates did not seem to fit quite right. My qualifications would get me to interview, but I rarely felt like I really wanted the jobs, and I think the people interviewing me must have known that.

So I do not really know where to go from here. A job writing about Physics with plenty of opportunity to travel to France? I’ll keep an eye out.


6 thoughts on “Knowing What You Like”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post, and relate to your study interests. My late husband was a fire-fighter and farmer (yes, it is a duo) although his college major was Chemistry…and his life-long interest and hobby was French. He was stationed in Fance during World War 2, and used his high school French whenever he had the opportunity. When we went to Quebec on our honeymoon (we were much older) he sought out a firefighter and conversed with him. When we went to Portugal years after that, he found a Portuguese firefighter and guess what–they used French as their common language. SO… upon reading your story, my opinion is that your REAL major is French, and your hobby is in Astronomy or other Physics. 🙂

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    1. And I enjoyed reading your comment! Wow, it sounds like he lived an interesting and full life. I really like what you said about my REAL major being French, I had not thought about it that way before! 🙂


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