I Got Annoyed With My Bus Yesterday…

The following was written on my phone while hiding in my scarf and coat waiting for my bus. And then on the bus once it finally arrived.

Okay, so my bus is late again. It is usually a little bit late, but today it is a lot late. So far 33 minutes.

I like public transport. I like being able to read and daydream and not have to concentrate all my attention on the road. But I feel like if I added up all the time I wasted waiting around for buses and trains it would depress me. Working full time gives you a very limited amount of time to squeeze in hobbies and interests. I cannot even read while I wait for the bus in the evening because it is too dark.

So what shall I do? I am going to write on my phone while I wait for the bus and it will not be time wasted. If I end up with a substantial piece of writing I can say SEE HOW MUCH I COULD DO WHILE WAITING FOR YOUR CONSTANTLY-LATE BUS?! At least I would have felt productive and not cold and sorry for myself. That’s the plan.

It arrived 38 minutes late. That could have quite the writing session if I had thought of the idea sooner and stopped standing around sighing. I did do my daily Duolingo session though, so that’s good.

I refuse to let you waste my time, bus company. (It is Stagecoach, the bus company is Stagecoach.) I have no idea who is to blame when a bus runs late. It is usually just traffic, which you unfortunately cannot really blame on anyone. I better just accept that my bus is not very punctual and try not to make it feel like wasted time, I should be more proactive when I wait. Make the best of it and that.


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