NaNoWriMo, First Impressions

I mentioned last week that I planned on taking part in the National Novel Writing Month that is November, I was a bit concerned about finding time to write and not just giving up before I had gotten started.

Well it is the third day and my word count passed 5000 this morning.  I find it strangely satisfying seeing all the stats on the webpage when I update my wordcount.  I feel like I am gradually chipping away at it, and any words I do over the limit today takes the pressure off the days to follow.  It is a great motivator, and I hope that once the month is over I stick to the habit of making time to write.

Getting to 5000 is an amazing pace for me and puts me on track to get to 50000 words by the end of the month. My final year project at university was 7000 words and it took me far too long to finish. I ended up submitting it a terrifying half an hour before the deadline (my housemate submitted hers 10 minutes before the deadline, we were both far too laid back about the whole thing)! As you can imagine, that was incredibly stressful, and I sure NaNoWriMo will have its stressful moments too.

I know there is still a long way to go and I may well get halfway and realise I have no more story planned, or lose all this motivation. Hopefully I will manage to stay motivated when things get harder and I forget why I even entertained the idea of writing 50000 words in a month.


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