NaNoWriMo Update

Well hello there! I have been missing my blog during NaNoWriMo, I look forward to getting back into it properly when this is all over.  

I am a little bit behind, by ‘a little bit’, I mean 8000 words behind.  I had a couple of busy weekends where I wrote nothing and things have slipped a bit. But I am currently on 20665 words which I am pretty proud of.  I would love to reach the target, but I have written a lot more than I usually would have anyway.  R is away for a few days this week and the weekend so I may shut myself away in an attempt to catch up a bit.

I am liking my story so far.  It is, quite unimaginatively, about a girl who has just graduated from university, but her circumstances do differ from mine! I have also decided to give her an interest in Philosophy so I now have to do some research on that.  Did you know that Pythagoras admired beans and would refuse to eat them?!

Anyway, some really good books are slightly autobiographical,  I am going to go with it.  I feel like there are not many things out there that paint the weirdness that is your early 20’s in a terribly realistic light, i.e., it is nothing like Friends. Who knew?

I am plodding away and have a vague idea of where I am going to finish it.  I have no idea whether I will try and show anyone/publish it. We will see how the editing goes, which I sense will probably be harder than the writing any old rubbish that comes into my head that I am doing now.

We will worry about that when the time comes, though.


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