My First NaNoWriMo

The end of November is fast approaching. The end of the National Novel Writing Month, which I somewhat optimistically signed up to.

I am not going to win.  I know that November is not yet over yet! But right now catching up would be a pretty stressful experience which would probably not produce many useable words.

I almost made it to 30000, which I am very happy with! I am still planning on writing my story, but at my own, somewhat more leisurely pace.

I did try and make myself push to win, once I realised I was behind I told myself to catch up during a weekend when R was out of the house and I could free myself from distractions.  I  cleared the table, put on a focussing playlist from Spotify, lit a nice scented candle and bought some flowers that swiftly wilted the day after I bought them and told myself to sit there and write! I did not listen to myself.

Apparently making some kind of writing nest for myself does not persuade me to write.

Despite not quite being as disciplined as I probably needed to be to get to the 50000 word target (excuses for not sitting down to write included wanting to check out a plant sale at work, fancying watching a bit of trashy television while R was away and being hungover), I am very glad that I did sign up and give it a go.

Apart from actually writing a decent amount of words, I got reminded of a very simple thing:  If you want to write a novel, write it.  I am someone who is guilty of thinking how great it would be to write a book that I was proud of and wanted to show other people, but rarely getting round to doing it, and if I do I find it quite easy to run out of steam.

But now I think that I will be a bit more proactive about the whole thing.  Just write the story, do not think about it, do not talk about it, do not worry about it, just do it.  And that is the lesson I will take away from NaNoWriMo.

I will definitely be giving it a go next year as well, with more planning and more getting involved!

Right now I am very happy to get back into blogging again, both posting and catching up on the ones I follow. It feels like it has been ages.


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