Feeling Like Christmas

I was at work, I had just had my last tea break of the day, it was quiet ( everyone’s too cool for the library, I guess?!) My colleague turned to me and said so what are we going to do about these Christmas decorations then? I asked her where we kept them, she promptly showed me.

We spent the last hour of work putting up Christmas decorations and finding loosely Christmas themed books to display. Christmas tree pests? Why not! How to raise a turkey? Take it off the shelf!  I suppose that now December has started feeling a bit Christmassy is not too ridiculous, it also put me in a pretty good mood.

Best. Day. Ever.

I usually moan a bit when Christmas stuff hits the shops and TV ads just after Halloween. It is too early! But this year I have felt a bit more forgiving about it.

I am now allowed to feel #Christmassy #advent #christmas

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I do not like the winter. Yes, scarves and hot drinks and getting cosy are all very nice but I do have to leave the house every now and again.  I am not feeling the cold dark dampness that is the British winter.

But I do like Christmas, so I feel like I am beginning to understand why people like to start the feeling early. It makes winter a little bit more bearable, and gives me something to look forward to.

It is weird to describe feeling ‘Christmassy’, because it means different things for different people. I am not religious so for me it mainly means spending time with loved ones, eating lots of delicious food and not feeling bad about staying cooped up indoors.  And if people want to drag that feeling out for as long as possible, well, why shouldn’t they?  It is not a bad thing! (Although the little bit of insulation I gain over Christmas might get a little bit out of hand if I start my ‘guilt free’ Christmas gorge in November).

So I may work a bit harder on getting myself in the Christmas spirit, to cheer things up a bit. I am going to find a playlist of the least naff Christmas songs, I am going to get my Christmas shopping done, sort out who to send Christmas cards and decorate the flat against R’s will while he is out at the weekend (we are yet to spend Christmas at the flat so he sees no point in decorations). It’s going to be great.


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