What I’ve been reading #1

I did go through a brief phase of mentioning what books I had just read and giving my opinion.  I do not really know why I stopped, but now I aim to bring it back, as a proper feature-type thing!

I was visiting Mum a couple of months ago, I gave her a book I had just finished reading and she gave me How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran.


I started this book and immediately knew I would like it, because it was a bit filthy, and a bit hilarious.  A good combination.

I remember reading it on the bus to work and feeling like I had to angle it down so the student sat behind me could not read it over my shoulder.  I was a bit worried about corrupting him until I remembered that he is a mature student and is, in fact, older than me.

At the beginning of the book I was mainly enjoying how funny and rude it was and that my mum was actually pretty cool for recommending it.

But as the story went on and I learned more about the overweight, teenage girl desperate to save her unlucky family and be beautiful and successful, I felt like I really cared about her and wanted everything to be alright.

I found the thoughts that the girl had were similar to thoughts that I had when I was teenager, and perhaps *ahem* a little bit older.  It is a very relatable  book for any girl who was a bit of an awkward teenager, turning into an only slightly less awkward adult.  The story being so relatable made me really root for her and sometimes in slightly tense parts I found I had to tell myself to slow down, because I was essentially skimming the page just to make sure everything would be okay!


It is told from the point of view of the woman the girl eventually grows up to be, so while the teenage main character is off doing crazy things there is also the wisdom of her looking back on it.  It made things seem more meaningful, seeing through the eyes of an adult rather than a teenager.



I would definitely recommend it, as long as you are not easily offended or a massive fan of Margaret Thatcher.



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