Blogging Goals

I signed up to Blogging 201 in November but then NaNoWriMo happened and I barely even looked at it. Luckily there is another one running now! This one is on branding and growth, which should be interesting. The first assignment is to think of some goals for my blog, and writing a post about them might actually motivate me to stick to them!

I aim to complete/stick with these goals by the end of January.

1. Get to 100 followers.

I feel like I could achieve this earlier, but the way my follower count goes up is pretty unpredictable. I will go for ages without any new ones and then I will post something with the right tag that must reach the right people and I will get quite a few in one day! But hopefully doing this Blogging 201 stuff will help me get more engaged with people and perhaps exceed this goal.

2. Write one comment on another blog every day.

While this is more than doable I get shy about commenting on people’s blogs, which is silly because they are there to be commented on and discussed! I hope I manage to stick with this one the most because I reckon it will probably be the most rewarding to complete.

3. Schedule three posts a week.

Before I had a little break for NaNoWriMo I would try and post something three times a week. I quite like that frequency so I will try and stick to it. However, I would love to be more organised about it and work out what I want to post about in advance and schedule posts more, rather than just hitting publish as soon as they are finished.

So, those are my goals! What is everyone else aiming to do with their blogs?


14 thoughts on “Blogging Goals”

  1. Your goals are very similar to mine! ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to get 15 more followers in December, but mine is very unpredictable as well! I also want to comment on blogs, share other posts to Twitter and continue adding to my StumbleUpon page! Scheduling posts is also something I want to do. I’m notoriously bad at writing, editing and posting in the same hour. I want to have time to write, edit and have posts ready for the whole week!

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    1. Oh cool! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah it is weird how my follower count stops and starts. I am yet to do much with my blog on Twitter, maybe one day! Haha wow! It is good that you can get it done so quickly. It would be nice to feel more on top of things though, I do not like rushing with posts!


    1. It definitely helps me keep writing if I feel like my blog is meant to have a post on a certain day. I need to be a bit braver about commenting, it can be difficult to keep up with both when you’re busy! Thanks, you too!

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      1. Oh, yes it is hard. Commenting can be hard too especially if the blogger has a large number of comments already. You don’t want to get drowned out.


      2. Yes I always try and reply to comments too! I do like it when I see someone who has a lot of followers take the time to reply to comments, even if they just say something like ‘thanks for commenting’.

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