Getting Sociable

Today’s task in Blogging 201 is something I have been meaning to do for a while: share my blog on social media.

The main reason I have not done this yet is just being a bit shy. The only people who know about this blog that I also know in real life are my two oldest friends from school and R. There is no real reason for this, it is not like I moan about people or blog about things I do not want them to know.  I always mean to tell people about my blog but never quite manage it.

Sometimes I tell myself I should just suck it up and do it, the few people I actually know who follow me on twitter probably are not that concerned about my blog either way. If they do not like it then they probably just won’t read it, they wouldn’t be horrible about it or anything.

I could make a new twitter account just for my blog. That would probably mean I wouldn’t use my personal one, because I am not quite interesting enough to update two Twitter accounts regularly (is anyone?). But it might be nice to start fresh with a new twitter just for my blog.

I think that’s what I’ll do because I do worry that if I share it in my personal Twitter I might not write posts as freely as I do now, but constantly think about how it is all coming across to the people I know.  It is just an unnecessary thing to worry about.  And I will probably keep procrastinating through shyness if I decide to share on my personal Twitter.

I have procrastinated long enough! Watch this space for my new twitter page!


11 thoughts on “Getting Sociable”

  1. […] As threatened, I have started a new twitter associated with my blog.  Rather than half-heartedly using my personal one to follow a few bloggers but not actually engage with them, I thought I could use this account to actually find more blogs to read and connect with! […]


  2. It seems to be working as I just found you through a female blogger RT (the one about turning 24). I did not have a Twitter account at all and joined in September the growth spurt for my blog was impressive and I am getting Twitter too (I think).

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      1. I think it works, as well as hashtags. Great days are Saturday with #archiveday ( so any post that went up in the past) and Sunday’s with #sundayblogshare (many bloggers say this is the best one).

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