Weekly Wonders #10

The first week back to work was actually alright, it actually felt almost good to be back. Hopefully I will continue to feel like this, because feeling good and productive might help me stick to my New Year’s Resolutions.  Here are some of the things that made the first week back a bit better.

Back to Work
Going back to work after Christmas was not as bad as I thought it would be. The early mornings still suck, but work itself is okay.  Catching up with colleagues and seeing my favourite students (library assistants are allowed to have favourites, right?) has actually been quite nice.

Birthday Package
I got home from work one evening last week and there, sat on the sofa, was a parcel that had arrived in the post, and it wasn’t from Amazon! A rare occurence. I was intrigued.  It was a birthday present from my oldest school friend, we had not managed to cross paths when we were both back in our home town for Christmas, so she sent me a lovely parcel. I love both my presents!  



The grow your own bouquet seeds are sitting in a pot of soil on the windowsill, hopefully something grows out of them!

Guys, this is weird.  I think I might like jogging.  I am someone who has been very anti-exercise my whole life.  I blame being a slightly chubby 13 year old that was forced to do ‘cross country’ running around the school field on the first PE lesson of every school year.  The best people were invited to be on the cross country team, the worse people were just reminded how unfit they were.

But now  I feel like I at least understand what the appeal is.  I get how someone could actually enjoy this jogging business, and not just worry about how far there is left. Hopefully this means I stick with it, although I might have to join the gym as well because I am not sure how motivated I’ll feel if the weather gets any worse than it already is.  

I also bought some snazzy leggings for jogging motivation.

Rhiannon Giddens
This lady sang some songs on Jools Hollands Hootenanny on New Year’s Eve. I did some tipsy dancing and decided that I would love to see her perform live!


5 thoughts on “Weekly Wonders #10”

  1. Maybe running is what you need the most now it’s not only for your legs it’s for the whole body and mostly the heart at least that’s what I think, the feeling of being alive. Same goes for me I used to hate it, but now I’m enjoying it and because it’s now cold outside I enjoy it even more. While everyone sits at home and complain about the weather, I’m outside walking. 🙂
    Have fun.

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