Weekly Wonders #11

Okay, I am glad the rain has stopped, but it has not stopped me moaning about how cold it’s been. I do not suit the cold, my hands go all dry and I spend a lot of time wrapped in multiple layers and a blanket, trying to hibernate.  Hurry up Summer.  

It has not all been moaning about the cold though, there have been some things that distracted me from all the ice.

I was wrapped in several layers while taking this picture.

The Gym
My objection to the gym up until now is that it would be full of gym people.  People who were really fit and healthy and knew how to work all the machines and would laugh at my inability to run very fast or lift very much.  

Then the thought of jogging in the frost persuaded me to fork out for a gym membership.

The gym is only a 15 minute walk from the flat and is right opposite the train station I use every weekday so I have no excuses for not going.  I will probably write a whole blog post about it because otherwise I will babble on.  I will say that it was full of gym people, but it was not as bad as I thought.  I was not completely put off during my first visit and I reckon I could stick to it, so it is already going better than expected.

Friendly Taxi Drivers
When I work my evening shift I have to get a taxi to the train station because the last bus from the college is at 6. The guys who drive the taxis know me pretty well now and usually are waiting outside when I walk out.  

This week there was no one there.  I was still early so I waited a bit and gave them a call to make sure they had not forgotten about me.  A guy who delivered a pizza to some students said he could give me a lift most of the way when he saw me waiting, I considered it but decided I was less likely to get kidnapped by a taxi driver so I declined and said I had a taxi on the way.

When the taxi finally arrived the driver was very apologetic. Oh it’s cold as well! Sorry you had to wait in the cold, I’ll turn the heating up.  When’s your train? Ah, you’ll make that.  And I did make the train, because that was also late. So the moral of this story is probably that I should book some driving lessons and get my own car.

Fruit for breakfast
Like the functioning adults we are, R and I ran out of milk on Monday and failed to buy any more.  I knew toast would not keep me full and the thought of porridge made with water just sounds horrible.  I grabbed some fruit and hoped it would keep me a bit full.  Apart from a massive craving for chocolate during my morning break, I was not any hungrier than when I have porridge.  I also had all my recommended vitamin C for the day, which was satisfying to see on MyFitnessPal.  

Screen Unseen (again)
I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago when we got to see The Revenant.  R and I went to see another mystery preview at the ODEON and it was The Big Short. I loved it! For someone who is not interested in finance at all I sat there the whole time thinking I am so interested in this! It was funny, informative and awesomely directed.  I would definitely recommend it.

Imagine Dragons
I am a bit late to the party here, I heard of this band ages ago but only just got round to listening to them.  I am very happy I did!


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